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Pegasus My Story - A Breeder's Story, Touchstone Farm

Pegasus My Story - A Breeder's Story, Touchstone Farm

It has been an interesting path to success for the owners of Touchstone Farm. Now a truly family affair, they share their story and look ahead to their plans for the future.

Australasian Focus

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Pregnant mare

Nutrition of Mares in Late Pregnancy

As a mare's pregnancy advances to the last three or four months owners should re-evaluate feeding strategies to support the upswing in energy and other nutrients necessary for rapid growth of the fetus.


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selenium for horses

Selenium Supplementation in Exercising Horses

In addition to the antioxidant benefits of selenium, supplementation with selenium may also improve mitochondrial biogenesis, an increase in mitochondrial mass to improve energy production.

KER Research

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What Is the Effect of Early Weaning on Young Horse Development?

The purpose of this study was to compare the growth and development of Thoroughbred foals raised under four different management systems.


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soft tissue injuries in horses

Gene Therapy for Tendon, Ligament Injuries in Horses

A novel approach to treating therapies was recently described by a group of scientists. Their technique involved using gene therapy to create specific genes that, once injected into the horse, produce proteins that help heal the injury.

General Interest

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alternative therapies for equine orthopedic issues

Orthopedic Problems in Horses: Alternative Therapies

Researchers surveyed horse owners to determine how complementary and alternative veterinary medicine modalities are used in horses with orthopedic problems.