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Milne: How to Evaluate a Prospective Horse for Purchase

Milne: How to Evaluate a Prospective Horse for Purchase

If you are considering buying a horse, get as much information as possible by asking the seller these questions.

Australasian Focus

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horse eating from feed bucket

Feeding to Support Recovery in Old Horses

Older horses are already at risk when injured, due to the existence of a compromised immune system and a pre-existing pro-inflammatory state.


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beet pulp shreds

Consider Soluble Fiber for Exercising Horses

Recent research suggests that soluble fiber provides adequate energy for exercising horses and could be a healthy alternative for horses at risk for colic.

KER Research

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oats and glycemic response

How Do Different Diets Affect Glycemic Response in Horses?

The purpose of this experiment was to determine glycemic response in horses fed six different feeds at three different levels of intake.


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horseshoes stacked

Shoe Boil: Elbow Swelling in Horses

As its name suggests, a shoe boil is usually caused by the heel of a horseshoe consistently rubbing the elbow when a horse is lying down.

General Interest

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bare horse hoof

Rings and Ridges: What Horse Hooves Reveal

Just as coat condition serves as an indication of health status in horses, changes in hooves may provide clues to a horse’s historical well-being.