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Milne: Does My Horse Need Vitamin E Supplementation?

Milne: Does My Horse Need Vitamin E Supplementation?

Whether a horse's work involves racing, eventing, endurance, trail riding, or reproduction, vitamin E plays a huge role in both overall health and specific performance.

Australasian Focus

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colicky horse rolling in field

Colic in Horses: Feeding Recommendations for Resolving Impactions

With neither rhyme nor reason to colic flare-ups, how can owners best feed horses experiencing recurrent impactions of the large intestine to mitigate their discomfort and minimize their frequency?


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fat horse in a field

Horse Weight Loss Requires Diet Changes, Exercise

Mirroring the epidemic in humans, the number of horses suffering from obesity continues to increase at an alarming rate, primarily due to excess nutrition and lack of exercise.

KER Research

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oil pouring from bottle

How Is Natural-Source Vitamin E Superior to Synthetic Vitamin E for Horses?

Studies were conducted to determine if synthetic and natural-source vitamin E have similar bioavailabilities when administered at equal doses and to determine if water-dispersible forms of vitamin E are more bioavailable than lipid-soluble forms.


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sick horse in stall

No Shortcut for Diagnosing Equine Gastric Ulcers

A clear diagnosis of equine ulcers can only be achieved if the horse undergoes endoscopic examination, which involves having the veterinarian passes a long flexible tube with a camera in the tip into the stomach to directly visualize and assess the defects.

General Interest

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mare and foal grazing in pasture

Mare Condition May Affect Foal Birth Weight

The “size of the prize” at the time of foaling remains a much-discussed topic among horse breeders. Do horse owners or breeders have any true control over how large the foal will end up being at the time of foaling?