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Australian ban on artificial insemination

Australian Court Upholds Ban on AI for Thoroughbred Horses

A former racing official in Australia filed suit against the Australian Racing Board and many other national racing associations on the premise that the ban on artificial insemination could be seen as anti-competitive and a restraint of trade.


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Broodmare eating hay

Mares Show Changes in Dry Matter Intake in Late Gestation

There is some speculation that the physical presence of the maturing fetus decreases the volume of the intestinal tract, potentially decreasing overall dry matter intake.

KER Research

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mineral digestibility in horses

How Well Are Copper, Zinc, and Manganese Digested by Horses?

Mature Thoroughbreds were used to determine the effects of intake level on the digestibility of copper, zinc, and manganese in sedentary horses.


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Riding during cool weather

Keep Horses Comfortable and Healthy in Hot Weather

Basic management steps can help horses stay as comfortable as possible during the long, hot days of summer.

General Interest

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Horse trailer

Shipping Horses in Hot Weather: Boots or Leg Bandages?

Researchers recorded skin temperatures of horses’ legs without leg coverings, wearing boots, and wearing bandages.