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Australian stringhalt

Unraveling the Secrets of Australian Stringhalt in Horses

Horses with Australian stringhalt jerk their hind legs up under their bodies, hyperflexing the hock and stifle joints with each step. An association has been determined between the movement disorder and ingestion of a perennial herb called false dandelion, cats-ear, or flatweed.


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body condition scoring

Understanding Weight Loss and Diet in Mature Horses

Mature horses that begin to lose weight on an unchanging diet are a puzzle for their owners. It’s not always easy to find the cause of weight loss and correct the problem.

KER Research

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high-speed treadmill

Feeding Horses Before Exercise: What to Feed and When?

Three experiments were conducted to evaluate if feeding hay with and without grain affects glycemic response and hematological responses in Thoroughbred horses at rest and during a simulated competition exercise.


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respiratory disease

Heaves and Other Breathing Problems in Horses

Minor degrees of airway inflammation and small increases in mucus production quickly take their toll on horses, and every effort must be made to keep respiratory disease at bay.

General Interest

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WEG 2014

Record Number of Nations to Send Teams to WEG

At the 2014 World Equestrian Games (WEG) to be held in France this fall, riders and drivers from a record 72 countries have expressed their intent to compete.