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Milne: Does My Horse Need Vitamin E Supplementation?

Milne: Does My Horse Need Vitamin E Supplementation?

Whether a horse's work involves racing, eventing, endurance, trail riding, or reproduction, vitamin E plays a huge role in both overall health and specific performance.

Australasian Focus

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fat horse with cresty neck

Vitamin K and Insulin Resistance in Horses

According to a recent review on the topic of insulin resistance, researchers described the role of vitamin K in helping improve insulin sensitivity and glucose control, and preventing insulin resistance.


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horse feed

Are Genetically Modified Feeds Safe for Horses?

What are genetically modified feed ingredients, and are they really safe to feed to horses?

KER Research

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Thoroughbred skeletal adaptations

What Happens to the Skeleton During Early Training of Racehorses?

To explore the skeletal adaptations involved in early race training, bone density and morphometry were tracked in 15 Thoroughbred yearlings as they began training at a facility where turnout paddocks were available.


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sweaty horse

Heat Stress and Horses

To help horse owners, trainers, and veterinarians better understand heat stroke, which is more accurately referred to as “equine heat exertional illness,” researchers published a comprehensive review on the topic, including detailed recommendations for rapid and effective cooling.

General Interest

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horse eating hay in stall

Protein in Horse Diets: Aim for "Required" Levels

Horses need protein to grow and maintain health, but excess nitrogen from too much dietary protein may affect the environment adversely.